Verses 12 and 13 Adoption, sonship. When adoption takes place, they legally go out together as father
and son, as one flesh and blood—legally, culturally, and every other way. A minor cannot be adopted.
Must be able to legally answer before a court. (Same legality in confession of Jesus Christ as lord and
savior. But we become sons by birth rather than adopted sons. The confession before God is a legal
matter.) It is unheard of in the East for an adopted son to betray or forsake his "father." Before they draw
up the legal deed for adoption, the two take a covenant of salt. Pledge loyalty by salt which is more
binding than the law of the land. Salt binds to God; law binds to country. Upon death of father, a will is
left for son to fulfill, wishes of father.
All have sinned. Those who do not accept Christ as lord and savior remain aliens of God. Those
who do accept, become sons of God.
Jesus drew up the deed for us on the cross when he said, "It is finished." By confessing with the
mouth Jesus Christ as lord, you are spiritually, legally binding yourself to God and become a born-again
child of His. Where once you were an alien, you now are a son with an inheritance. Thinking does not
get a person born again, but believing does. After new birth must put on renewed mind according to the
Word to be effectual and have power in walk. Change the mind from lies to the truth. The Adversary has
no power over God's property (His children). Rebuke the devil, fear, sickness, etc. We underestimate the
power of God and over-estimate our troubles. Stop listening to the devil's story. Don't give him room in
your mind.
Verse 8 "Captivity captive" is a multitude of captives. "He led captivity captive," means he has carried
away captives and gathered booty. When a city is captured, everything valuable is carried away. They
give away some of it as gifts to their friends. Refer to Psalms 68:18. This is the same thing. It should be
translated: "...thou has carried away captives and thou hast blessed man with gifts, but the rebellious man
shall not dwell in the presence of God." He doesn't give gifts to the rebellious, but to those that follow.
Verse 26 When you get angry, you should control it. It is not wrong to be angry, but you must not show
your anger outside. "...Don't commit sin..." means don't act on your anger. Sin in this case means crime.
The rest of the verse means forget your troubles soon before you go to sleep. Don't sleep over it. Psalms
4:4: "Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah." This
means when you are angry, to commune with your heart upon your bed and be still. You don't get excited
and carry on.
Verses 31 and 32 Renewed mind. Verse 31, these negatives are poisons which disrupt the whole
system. If we do not fight and keep them out, these enemies will lodge in us and make us slaves. How
can we put it away? By renewing the mind to the Word. But, instead, people have pride in getting mad.
They exalt un-renewed mind rather than feeling shame because of it. Reacting with un-renewed mind is
weakness. Rather, exalt and think well of the person that you feel malice toward. The malice must leave.
That way you will kick out the enemy of your soul. The greatest power that God gave us is the power to
renew the mind. You can be set free the moment you renew your mind. We have the power of God in
Christ working in us.
Verses 25-27 Choosing a wife (without wrinkle). One requirement in the choice of a wife is that she
has no wrinkles on her forehead. The way she walks is also examined. Must be graceful and modest in
walk. Wrinkles signified lack of trust in God. Christ presents church without spot or wrinkle. The
Church must also walk in accordance to the will of God as the Eastern bride does.
Isaiah 3:16: stretched forth necks and wanton eyes—are sign of haughtiness and pride.
Walk consistently according to will of God and reap joy, gladness and victory in every day life. Do
not gain just enough knowledge for salvation, but gain enough to walk. Not just hearers of Word, but
doers. Power increases as you obey and walk with Christ. Each time grow closer to fullness of measure
of stature of Christ. Courage increases as results are obtained. The name of Christ becomes more and
more effective in walk.
Verses 26 and 27 Wrinkles. Christ will present us, the church, not having spot or wrinkle. If we have
wrinkles, then when presented before God, we shall have not spots. Those who believed in sacrifices
prior to Christ's coming, which took care of their sins. Yet, what those people worked did not make sacrifice.
See: Job 16:8; Isaiah 3:16,17
Verse 2 Honor father and mother. The children were trained that whatever Dad says is as of God.
Always obey him. However, this verse means "serve" them, "support" them until they are dead. Do the
burial ceremony for them.
Verses 2 and 3 Honor parents. Honor = support. A son who does not support his parents is as good as
dead. Old Testament should read "as good as dead," not "shall be put to death." First commandment that
has blessing: "That it may be well with thee and thou mayest live long on the earth." Is it true that a
person will live longer if he honors his parents? God says so. Words are seeds. What we confess will
happen. Must make minds agree with the Word of God.
Hindu children are trained to listen to mother first (she brought the child into the world), then to
father (he helped to sustain the child), then to teacher (guru, he opened the understanding), then God. If
do not love the first three who are seen, how can you love God who is not seen? Children are a blessing
from God.
Verses 13-17 Armour of God, renewed mind. Warfare of the Eastern world employs these weapons.
"loins girt about with truth"—they wear long flowing robes which could hinder walking so a girdle is
worn around the waist to pull the garments together so they will not get in the way. The truth is our girdle
and it keeps anything from hindering our walk with God. It is the Word. We can walk straight without
hindrance because of the truth.
"Breastplate of righteousness"—made of kind of iron or steel and held in left hand over chest. We
are protected by the righteousness of God. We trust in it.
"Feet shod with the preparation of gospel of peace''—in East shod with sandals. We should be ready
to go anywhere, anytime, to preach.
"Shield of believing"—shield of power.
"Helmet of salvation"—renewed mind on what you have in salvation and operated in given situation.
"Sword of the spirit"—the Word.
Be continually conscious of the power of God in us. Keep mind renewed in accordance with him
that is in you. Mistakes are made only by un-renewed mind.
Some people think that because they are saved they do not need to read or study the Word. They say
it is in their heart. But they do not even know what the Word says. They neglect the thing that helps a
person to become strong and to grow. Those same people would not say, "Oh, I ate yesterday, so I do not
need to eat today." Must eat the Word daily.