Verse 4 See Psalm 123:2
Verse 20 (Isaiah 52:15.) Matthew 10:42; Mark 9:41 (Taught, but not stated.) Eastern people carry
food and bedding when they travel and they come to eat and sleep in the village common area where
townspeople may come and find a guest for dinner. They will not eat until they find a guest. Seek
kingdom of God first by feeding guest first. They ask for the privilege of serving someone. They think
when they help someone they help God.
(Taught.) A guest must have his feet washed and be sprinkled with perfume before he is acceptable.
Washing feet = cleansing. Sprinkling perfume = anointing with oil (symbolic of holy spirit).
Isaiah 52:15 "Sprinkle many nations." They will keep begging the guest to stay on and on for meal
after meal, night after night.