Verse 2 II Corinthians 9:8—All sufficiency. Sufficiency to support ourselves, church and those in need.
No reason for us to lack. III John 2. Things are only incidental, not fundamental. Christ is fundamental.
We have ability to abound to every good work, to glorify God. Is poverty a glory to God? NO!
Prosperity is not always a sign of God's blessing. The wicked also prosper. But, as we believe and follow
God, prosperity is guaranteed for us. See record on the woman with the cruse of oil. Oil stopped flowing
only when there was nothing more to hold it in. (II Kings 4:1-6)
Verses 9, 10 Adversary. (I Corinthians 16:9.) If a door is opened unto you to declare and testify the
sole counsel of God, the enemy of our souls who is roaming about, stirs up people to question, confuse,
and upset you. Even own brothers will oppose. (III John 9.) Many people are on fire for the Lord, but
support the devil at the same time. Often adversaries come through our own minds.