Psalm 103:5 Renewed Like the Eagle

Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's.

In the East, there are two types of eagles.  The “dirty eagle” is a vulture whose nest is built close to the ground, about 10 feet high.  This eagle prefers to eat dead things.  The dirty eagle is symbolic of the carnal Christian whose mind is not renewed, but looks to the world and the five senses for satisfaction.  In contrast, the golden Holy Eagle is a symbol of the spiritual believer who is separate from the things of the world.  This eagle feeds on life, which for the spiritual Christians is the God-breathed Word. 

In Bible times as well as today, the golden eagle refers to the Holy Eagle, highly respected as king of the birds in the East.  This eagle’s nest is built up high among the hills and mountains in the top of a coconut palm tree, usually about 100 feet high.  The strength of the bird depends upon its feathers.  Once about every five years, the Holy Eagle knows instinctively that its feathers are old and that flight is difficult.  So the eagle dives head first into a body of water.  When the eagle rises to the surface, all its feathers are gone; the feathers are floating on the surface of the water.  The eagle struggles to get to the shore where it will wait until the feathers grow back (about six to eight weeks).  The eagle is helpless, unable to fly during this period.  The eagle hides in the bushes and is fed by the local people.  The renewal process is in two steps:  the old, dirty feathers are shed and next it waits for the new feather to grow.  Then the eagle’s strength is renewed (see Galatians 2:20and Romans 12:2).

The strength of the eagle depends on its feathers as our strength depends on God and His power.  Our old feathers are our old habits of thoughts and actions which bind.  Once this ballast is cast off, then God’s power and love may be demonstrated through us.  When the mind is renewed to the Word, strength is renewed with victory and power. When burdensome thoughts no longer weigh us down, we can travel light in the truth of God’s Word.

Old and New Testament Orientalisms Teachings of Bishop K. C. Pillai transcript pp. 166, 240 - 243