Bishop Pillai Quotes

When we consider the “light through an Eastern Window” we must always remember that the Bible is an Eastern book, written by men who spoke an Eastern language and used words expressing Eastern customs. Many of the Eastern phrases used as figures of speech are interpreted literally in the West and that to our own hurt. Doing this has caused great confusion and much harm to the work of God. 

Bishop KC Pillai

Bishop says that every morning he takes out his wallet and lifts the money in it and asks God to show him how to use it best that day. He blessed a dollar which had to last for several weeks and pay all his bills. He said he knew God could multiply it and that there was plenty more where it came from. Do not keep eyes on the dollar (which is walking in self-made sparks) but on the resources (which is walking in God's light). God supplies according to His riches in glory. Bishop said he would rather die helping somebody than die eating too much. God's people receive an abundance whenever they walk according to His Word—abundance of light, life, provision, truth, health, etc. If God wants His child to do something, He will support him all the way in it.

Bishop K.C. Pillai

How best can I show gratitude to God for sparing my life....Go to the market, buy some water, wine, grape juice and milk, and give to those thirsty people who come to the market who are in the scorching sun, heavy laden. As you give to these people, you give to God—This is what the Hindus teach as well as Jesus. Krishna taught this 500 years before Christ. There are good morals, ethics on how to live from Krishna, but not salvation.


How to Renew the Mind

You've got to do, you have to learn to do it. You can't go into a drug store and buy a pack of 'renewing your mind' pills.  I'm sorry to have to tell that to you because you have to train yourself, you got to do that.  The sooner you do, the better you'll enjoy your salvation.  See you'll have lots of enjoyment.  We don't enjoy our salvation because we don't train our mind to behave itself; that's the whole thing.  It is not what happens to you.  You may break your neck; you may break your bones.  It doesn't matter what happens to you but what's the attitude to take to what happens to you is what matters.  What if your house is on fire? Oh, that's all right.  If this house is burned down, you'll build another one.  That should be your attitude.  Not to be bothered with that, not to be worried about that, not to be upset about that, because your mind is not on fire.  Your mind is on God.

- Bishop K.C. Pillai